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Inverters and charge controllers

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Volts Energies provide inverters and charge controllers. One of most important elements of solar energy system is a charge controllers. Charge controllers are used in stand-alone solar systems to protect battery from deep discharge or overcharge. Charge controllers can often be built into inverter or UPS units. In the BBP is usually built and chargers from a generator or a network.

The main functions of charge controllers are:

Regulation and display processes of charging and discharging of solar module

Prevention of overcharging the battery

Preventing deep discharge battery

ON / OFF load when the load is connected through the charge controllers

Using charge controllers is recommended in any case. Its use will provide safe modes of charge / discharge for battery. Any correctly compiled stand-alone solar power system is composed of charge controllers. The monitoring process of the charge / discharge the battery, how to fairly simple. Most modern charge controllers have LED indication.

Inverters - a device for converting direct current into alternating current with a change in voltage or not. Typically, a generator of a periodic voltage to form closer to sine wave.

There are several groups of inverters, which vary in price by about 15 times:

The first group inverters of more expensive inverters provides a sinusoidal output voltage.

The second group inverters provides a simplified form of output voltage, replacing sine curve. The most commonly used in form of a trapezoidal signal sine.

For vast majority of household appliances is acceptable to use an alternating voltage with a simplified form of the signal. Sinusoid is important only for certain telecommunication, instrumentation, laboratory instrumentation, medical equipment, as well as professional (HI-FI, HI-END, DJ) audio equipment. The choice of inverters is based on the peak power consumption of standard voltage 220V / 50Hz.

Volts Energies provide inverters and charge controllers:

- outback inverters

- Tripp lite inverters

- Magnum energy inverters

- Victron energy

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